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Photograph of Becca Henry
Becca Henry

Becca Henry is a Board Certified Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, proficient in a myriad of mental health treatment modalities and experienced in treating a broad spectrum of symptoms and diagnoses across all age groups.

Starting her career as a Registered Nurse at Johns Hopkins Hospital's Child and Adolescent Behavioral Health Unit, she later moved to Oregon after obtaining her advanced practice licensure. Her career trajectory spans diverse settings, such as private practice, residential treatment, community health, detoxification, addiction recovery, and crisis intervention, thereby cultivating a philosophy centered on holistic care.

  • Becca believes in the necessity of treating the mind and body together and uses a variety of treatment options to maximize healthy outcomes.
Photograph of Becca Henry
Ambyr Stores

Ambyr, with a master's degree in Clinical Social Work and a background in Psychology and Music, advocates for a collaborative approach to wellness, underlining the power of goal-setting, strength reinforcement, and adaptive coping strategies. Her therapeutic methods span Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Collaborative Problem Solving, and Motivational Interviewing, aiming to empower individuals and families toward meaningful growth. Ambyr's philosophy is grounded in the belief that everyone has an innate drive toward wellness, which she nurtures through her supportive role.

  • Ambyr emphasizes collaboration, empowerment, and the innate drive towards wellness, utilizing diverse therapeutic approaches to nurture meaningful growth in individuals and families.
Photograph of Laura Tamkin
Laura Tamkin

Laura has an MA in psychology. She has worked in various settings as a mental health therapist and as an art therapist. She currently employs brief solution based interventions. Laura sees clients of all ages and is currently one of our three Neurofeedback clinician.

Photograph of Sarah
Sarah Floyd
(Office Manager)

Sarah operates as the backbone of our team, expertly coordinating administrative duties, managing services, and serving as the primary contact between our staff and you! Her role expands beyond logistical concerns into maintaining smooth operations and cultivating a unified care environment.

Photograph of Hillary

Hillary is our office bookkeeper who assists with billing and collection tasks. With a sharp eye for detail and a knack for numbers, Hillary ensures our financial operations run smoothly.

We are constantly adding to our team. Stay tuned!