Beautiful Minds

Community Mental Health and Wellness Center

Psychiatric Services (all ages)

Medication / Suppliment Management

  • ⬢ Symptom Review
  • ⬢ Diagnostics
  • ⬢ Treatment Options
  • ⬢ Symptom Maintenance

Referals for Nonpharmaceutical Options

Finding the best way to manage your symptoms by optomizing healthy living, coping skills, and personalized neurological optomization.

Psychological Services (all ages)

Theraputic Interventions

A type of therapy utilizing games, toys, and play to explore, express, and safely respond to the patient's mental health needs. May include:

  • ⬢ Talk Therapies
  • ⬢ Play Therapies
  • ⬢ Expressive Arts
  • ⬢ Parent Support
  • ⬢ Academic Support


QB ADHD Checks and Testing

A diagnostic screening tool that provides objective information to aid the assessment of ADHD. The test uses age and gender-matched comparisons to assess the patient's ability to concentrate, their movement, and impulsivity.

Genetic Testing

Pharmacogenetic testing looks at genes related to mental health treatment, across conditions and medications.
Testing options include:

  • Genomind Genetic Testing
  • GeneSight Genetic Testing
  • Invitae Genetic Testing

Neurofeedback / Biofeedback

Coming Soon

A nonpharmaceutical treatment approach that focuses on training the neuronal activity of the brain to reinforce or reduce behaviors.